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Anyone who has ever been to Maryland knows one thing: seafood Maryland style simply cannot be beat. The Baltimore Harbor especially is famous for delicious crab, caught fresh. For those who live in Maryland or who visit Maryland, going to the Harbor to dine on crab claws, crab cakes, or other fresh seafood is a real treat and often the highlight of a trip.

Unfortunately, those who aren’t lucky enough to get to enjoy the Maryland crabs locally were often left with nothing but the offerings at their local grocery store which were often scrawny, fishy tasty crabs that just didn’t have that magical flavor. With seafood in general, and especially with crabs, how fresh the fish is and where it is caught can make a major difference in your enjoyment, and often eating bad crab simply isn’t worthwhile at all.

Seafood Marilyn Style – Delivered Fresh to Your Door

Today, through the wonders of overnight shipping, those who aren’t lucky enough to live in the great state of Maryland and visit Baltimore still get to enjoy the delightful taste of seafood Marilyn style. It is now possible to order crab, crab cakes and other fresh seafood over the Internet and have it shipped directly to your door by the very next day.

When you order seafood over the Internet, you should look for a company that offers truly fresh fish. You want to make sure that the crab really is locally caught in Maryland and that it just came off the boat after being caught by a waterman that very day. After all, if you wanted older crab that’s been sitting around frozen for a while, you could make do with the paltry offerings at local grocery stores (if your store even has such offerings!)

The crab, crab cakes or other seafood Marilyn selections will be carefully packaged so that they are kept cool and fresh during the delivery. This is an important step to ensure that the food remains safe to eat by the time it gets to you. The crab or other seafood will then be sent next-day air so that you will have it ready to eat when it is still practically just off the boat.

Enjoying Your Seafood Treat

When the seafood is delivered, you will have the opportunity to take a trip right in your very own home. You can enjoy the rich, delicious flavor that comes with fresh crab and you will feel as if you are right there over the Baltimore Harbor, sitting and looking at the water.

Fresh crab can be prepared in a number of different ways, so you have options for what to do with the catch delivered to your door. Steamed, served warm and dipped in butter is always a favorite method of enjoying crab and will give you a full appreciation for the fresh-caught flavor. Crab can also be served cold and enjoyed with dipping sauces. No matter what your favorite method of preparation is, you’ll be glad that you went the distance and ordered the crab from a real Maryland seafood company.

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